Weather rips through states

Last month in December, a tornado ripped through six states traveling 220 miles through the Midwest. Illinois, Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, Kentucky and Mississippi were greatly affected by the tornado.

At least 64 died in Kentucky, one dead in Arkansas and dozens or more across six states. The number of fatalities is expected to rise as firefighters dig their way through the rubble to find more bodies.

Many towns who have been hit hard by the tornado have a challenging job to rebuild their houses and their lives and many to mourn the loved ones they’ve lost through this tragedy.

Questions have been raised on whether climate change has an effect on the tornado since it took place in 73 degree weather during December.

An early estimate of the cost of the damage is roughly 18 billion dollars. The head of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, was under criticism as he celebrated his space expedition while two Amazon employees in Illinois perished in the tornado.

Following the questionable weather, the Virginia area was shut down as a winter storm filled the streets with ice and over four inches of snow.

FCPS used up all of the allotted snow days, and now the country will be implementing virtual learning in the case of another school closure.