Will schools shut down again?

After the CDC identified that an Omicron covid variant was identified, it is said that the Omicron variant is highly contagious.

As of now two dozen countries have experienced a spike in cases including South Africa, Belgium, Israel, Hong Kong and Botswana and the U.S., which has had 21 states identified with the Omicron virus.

In early December, the first Omicron case was identified in the Northwest part of Virginia from an adult resident who had a history of domestic travels. The Virginia Department of Health states “there is no evidence that persons who have previously had COVID-19 might be at greater risk for reinfection with Omicron.”

“It’s frustrating and kind of scary to have to deal with this again. Mostly when I think about my parents who work a lot and are very prone to this,” junior Andrew Vazquez said.

Virginia has reported thousands of infections due to the aftermath of the holidays. It is recommended for people to take the booster shot because of the added protection against Omicron virus.