Security increases at AHS

Lately, there have been two security guards added to AHS. People are wondering why there are so many this year. Has there been a lot of trouble happening in Annandale? Is Annandale a safe place? Many things such as “trends” involving this year may have played a role in why there have been a lot of security guards being added, for example, the “devious lick” trend in September that caused massive amounts of damage to school bathrooms. 

“I feel as if the school does not trust us to do simple things such as using the bathroom or going to get a drink of water, similar to a prison,” junior Yassin Babiker said.

Students have felt like they can’t be trusted due to the abundance of security in school. 

“I think that it made the school more of a hostile place, more like a prison than a school,” junior Ahmed Mohammad said.

Many students don’t like how there is not a lot of freedom and there is constant security and check-ins around the school, even if the students are doing little things like going to the bathroom or going to a different classroom to complete work.