Gas is just too expensive

Ever since the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia, the U.S. has started to part ways with Russia. The U.S. has ended its oil production with Russia, leading to increases in gas prices. The U.S has also disconnected itself from social media platforms and organizations related to Russia.

The rise in gas prices has affected drivers and students who drive to school.

“I feel that it discourages students from purchasing parking passes and utilizing school parking,” junior Adam Alsufy said. The rise in gas prices hasn’t just had an effect on students, but also on teachers who need gas to drive to school every day.

“I don’t mind paying the increased gas prices because I can afford it, but I can understand how people who are struggling to get by would find it even harder now with the higher gas prices,” AVID teacher Laura Wells said. “To be honest, I think we have been paying lower gas prices than we should be paying for a long time now, so I think the prices we are paying now are more realistic for how much gas should cost in our current economic and environmental situation”.