CAVA Food Review

CAVA is a Mediterranean fast-casual restaurant that sells different Mediterranean dishes like rice with a variety of toppings and wraps.

Since lent started I have been eating a lot of Chipotle but after a while, it just doesn’t taste as good. A friend of mine recommended trying CAVA, but I was very hesitant, a lot of restaurants aren’t vegan friendly and when they are the food isn’t that good. CAVA is the exception. All the flavors blend in so well together you forget it’s vegan.

I ordered brown rice with arugula, falafel, hummus, red pepper hummus, cabbage slaw, corn, olives, Persian cucumbers, pickled onions, tomatoes and cucumber, tomato, and onion, with garlic and Skug dressing.

I didn’t like the olives it was too salty and it just doesn’t taste like olives in my opinion. The falafel was the best part. Falafel is mashed beans and chickpeas that are deep-fried. I honestly didn’t think I was going to like it, but it tastes amazing when you break it apart and eat it with the rice. I recommend getting extra sauce, especially the garlic dressing because it gives the meal so much more flavor.

I give cava a 9/10 just because I don’t like the drinks but this was overall one of the best rice bowls I’ve had.