Orchestra Masquerade Concert


The Orchestra held their annual Masquerade Concert on October 22nd.  It was free for everyone in the community to come and watch.


The Masquerade Concert was the Orchestra’s first concert of the year. This means that for the freshman members of the orchestra, it was their first official high school performance.


“It [the concert] went pretty well,” freshman Eleanor Stenberg said. “It was very different than middle school concerts.”

This concert was also the last first concert for the senior orchestra members. While some seniors were sad or excited about this being their last first concert, there were others that this fact had little effect on.

“I don’t feel that attached to it. It’s just a concert to me. We will have more,” senior Eileen Ngo said.

The Masquerade concert that the orchestra department had isn’t going to be like any normal concert that they will put on during the school year. During this concert, all of the orchestra members dressed in various fun costumes during their performance.

“Students get very creative with their costumes,” orchestra teacher Larissa Marian said. “[In past years] They got dressed as cereal boxes. I know we’ve had somebody in the past dressed up as Donald Duck.”

“One of the best ones [costume] was probably a sriracha sauce bottle,” Stenberg said.

During the concert, the different ensembles also played many cool pieces, many of which were halloween themed which was perfect for the month of October.

“My hopes for the concert were for my students to have a great time, to be successful, and for our orchestra community to share this memory together,” Marian said.