Why is Chris Brown still Around?

Cuts and bruises covered Rihanna’s body in Feb. 2009 after her boyfriend at the time, Chris Brown, attacked her. Brown was convicted and sentenced to five years of probation, community service and domestic violence counseling. Our society should have condemned this sort of act, looking down upon Brown as a villain that committed a crime of domestic violence. So why are we still supporting Chris Brown?

“When I heard about what he did, I thought [his actions] were very irresponsible of him and kind of stupid, but at the same time I didn’t know how much of it to believe because the media could exaggerate it,” senior Lois Kim said.

Like Kim, most fans were disbelieving that Brown, one of the biggest R&B artists at the time, would commit such a vicious crime. But as soon as the photos of Rihanna’s battered face surfaced, the public became enraged with Chris Brown. As soon as word got out, Brown hid from the spotlight.

Several months passed with no official word nor an apology from Brown himself. Then, suddenly, Brown appeared on Larry King Live to give an interview and rehabilitate what was left of his image. A majority of the public, including Rihanna herself, was not impressed. Instead of giving a sincere and heartfelt apology, Brown allegedly read off of a teleprompter. However, his failed apology still did not stop fans from forgiving him or from listening to his music.

Brown’s success has by no means been hindered by his tainted public image as a man that beats women. He continues winning awards, including two MTV Video Music awards in 2012. Brown even got a tattoo of a mangled woman’s face on his neck. Many thought that this face was representative of Rihanna’s, but Brown’s rep insists that it is not. Most people would be disgusted by such an atrocious action after all that he has done, but this still does not discourage fans from supporting him and listening to his music.

Shortly after his comeback, Rihanna began to start talking to Chris Brown again. The public was outraged by how Rihanna, after being beaten by this very man, was running right back to him. Although he has taken domestic violence classes and said he is sorry, it does not mean he won’t ever do it again.

“Although it is possible for people to change, patterns of verbal and physical abuse are very difficult to change,” psychology teacher Katie Gould said. “In this severe kind of abuse, you should get out of that relationship. Couples therapy can help, but that kind of relationship should never continue.”

Even though Chris Brown beat Rihanna, he is still just as famous as he was before the beating took place. As long as he has the support of his fans, he will still remain relevant.