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Pink Friday: the revival of a 2000s classic

Queen of the Barbs has returned after years! Nicki Minaj releases her first studio album in almost 5 years.

After the release of her debut album Pink Friday in 2010 rapper and singer-songwriter Nicki Minaj has experienced an immense amount of success over the years. Now releasing her Fifth studio album the sequel to her debut, Pink Friday 2

Minaj has been putting years of work into this massive project. Even pushing back the album’s release date twice. She has publicly discussed how special Pink friday 2 is to her, so ultimately decided to release it on her 41st BIrthday. 

This album is insane with a track list of 22 songs. The first song on the track list Are You Gone Already unexpectedly samples Billie Ellish’s When the Party’s over with Minaj rapping a message for her son over it. Slower than most of her usual songs, but definitely still Nicki. Second song of the album Barbie dangerous in classic Nicki minaj fashion is a rap with phenomenal bars and an unbeatable flow having various references to barbie and luxury high fashion brands. Let Me Calm Down features J. Cole, many can relate to this track as it touches on relationships struggles and conflict that comes with handling situations differently. Starting with Minaj voicing her thoughts after an argument, expressing what she needs.

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Minaj uses various samples throughout the album as back up vocals, chorus’, and beats. Everybody remixes Move Your Feet by danish pop duo Junior Senior and features Lil Uzi Vert. Pink Friday Girls samples Cyndi Lauper’s Girls just wanna have fun creating a modern day version that still feels like a mix of a modern and 80s pop. Carrying out one of the most iconic lines ever referencing herself in her own rap with a line hinting towards her pop hit Super Bass with the lyrics. Previously released single Super freaky Girl  sampling 80s hit Super Freak by Rick James. Shortly after it’s release it became extremely popular especially after it gained popularity on TikTok. My Life samples blondie’s heart of glass with beats layered over making th4e sample almost unrecognizable if it weren’t for Debbie Harry’s unique vocal style. Minaj uses heart of glass to heighten her pain, talking of how she acts to attempt to keep the peace in her life. 

Minaj puts her own modern twist on every sample she uses. Using them well to create something amazingly surprising making them uniquely her own.

 Blessings was a very unanticipated track talking of faith and Jesus seemingly supposed to be gospel music. A genre Minaj normally does not create. This song is the only one of its kind on the album, featuring popular Gospel artist Tasha Cobbs Leonard was an amazing addition to this song with her beautiful soulful voice that is just perfect for gospel music. She built her career on her powerful vocals which is very apparent as she sings. 

Just The Memories is the closing song of the album and of course it’s a sad song.  Talking of her memories, how life moves and changes but we only keep our memories. 

Pink Friday 2 is a beautiful album with so many messages and lessons on love. As well as new and so many different kinds of songs ranging from gospel to pop. 

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