Varsity Blues

College decisions are coming out around this time, and people are getting stressed, wondering if they did enough, studied enough, and worked hard enough to make it into the school of their dreams.

Some will get accepted and others will be devastated by the news of getting deferred or rejected. What if there was a way to secure a spot in your dream university without doing half the work to get in? That’s exactly what Rick Singers (who’s played by Matthew Modine) figured out.

Varsity blues follows the story of Rick Singers and how he got Hollywood’s biggest stars like Giannulli and Loughlin to pay to get their kids into the most prestigious schools. This was called “the college admissions bribery Scandal.”

Even though this was a documentary it shows you scenes that happened and lets you hear real conversations that happened through the actors. This makes it feel less like a documentary and makes it way in a way more interesting to watch.

I loved how it gives you background information on how the scandal started and how each person played a key role in keeping it a secret. The idea of the documentary doesn’t sound intriguing at first but while watching it I became more and more interested in it and how it would unfold.

This documentary opened up my eyes to how much of a “scam” college is, especially prestigious ones. In the end, it doesn’t matter what college you go to because a degree is a degree regardless and no matter what college you go to you should be very proud of your work and how far you have come.

I recommend this documentary to any and everyone, especially those in the process of applying to colleges. It started slow but it gets faster as it progresses, it’s an easy movie to follow nonetheless. I give this documentary a 7/10 just because even though it was interesting I don’t like how slow it took to get interesting.