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Faye Webster review

From being Lovesick with “ I know I’m funny haha” to heartbreak with “Underdressed at the symphony,” Faye Webster’s latest album, produced by Drew Vandenberg and featuring Lil Yachty, introduces amazing  tracks such as “Underdressed At The Symphony,” “Lego Ring,” and “He Loves Me Yeah!”.

 Webster’s 5th studio album release showcases a distinct sound from her previous work, experimenting with autotune and distorted guitar amps. Despite these innovations, the album maintains its alternative country essence, with steel guitars which is the main instrument used in country music.  

Webster said in an interview with Spin that her latest album is a reflection of her personal journey, stating, “There is no science behind this album; it’s just my life. I’m wearing cargoes at the symphony’ or whatever.” Notably, she often expresses a sense of vulnerability, feeling “underdressed ” at the symphony, a sentiment echoed throughout her work. 

Webster has articulated that the creation of this album served as a therapeutic outlet during a challenging period, marked by a tumultuous breakup. Characterized by a palpable sense of playfulness, the album sees Webster embracing her identity and experiences. 

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Notably, the track “#4,” featuring rapper Lil Yachty, with whom she shares a long-standing friendship dating back to their middle school days in Atlanta, epitomizes this whimsical spirit. The contrast of Yachty’s signature elements with Webster’s own style renders the song a favorite among fans. 

Emphasizing a desire for timelessness, Webster curated the album’s aesthetic with precision. To foster a deeper connection with her audience, she organized a meet-and-greet event on Friday, March 1st, at a laundromat in Los Angeles, California.

A lot of Webster’s audience find themselves unhappy with this release 

“It was not that bad but also not her best. The overall experience was satisfactory however, I did not find any of the new songs particularly appealing to me. Some of them had already been released and also overplayed, leading to disappointment,” junior Phuc Do said.

 However, opinions on this release vary. 

“I think Faye is a wonderful artist, she’s a great artist to study to, very relaxing! Her new album is extremely satisfying and made me feel at peace,” junior Marina Bonilla Gomez said.

Critical reception of the album has been favorable, with esteemed outlets such as “Album of the Year” and “All Music” awarding it a solid four-star rating, underscoring its artistic merit and resonance with listeners.

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