An Anticipating Roller Coaster- Lost in Translation

An Anticipating Roller Coaster- Lost in Translation

While not an extremely melodramatic story, Lost in Translation is an ongoing drama based webtoon focusing on a hypothetical idol group named MAYHEM working under an entertainment group. Lost in Translation revolves around members of MAYHEM but particularly, an idol named Wyld (Jaewon Ahn) who unlike his other members gains a bad reputation for his name. In spite of that, the story reflects on his own struggles managing his appearance for the public. His personality, and his whole experiences are brought up to criticism through scandals. Throughout the story, readers get to see Wyld in a new perspective trying to change the stigmatized version that people see of himself. 

What is always an anticipating roller coaster in this webtoon is that it becomes emotional when things eventually look up for Wyld. If he is enjoying his idol life, all of a sudden things turn into a turmoil, and his struggles once again begin to emerge. The feeling of accomplishment he has over one struggle feels like it is never there.

The truly heartbreaking thing in the webtoon is that the public’s views on Wyld don’t demonstrate what he is actually like. What the public can’t see is that Wyld is a kind and softhearted individual who is always on the lookout to help others. All these horrendous rumors that the media sees are due to the manipulative CEO of Wyld’s entertainment company. 

Like Wyld, the CEO is also a complex character of nature. Shown in recent episodes, the CEO was not always a heartless man depicted in the beginnings of the story. Personally, this adds a bit of background for the CEO, and the reasons his personality shifted. When MAYHEM started their journey to become a group, the CEO was a kind and generous man. He was very supportive, yet that changed because of greed. 

One of my favorite moments from the story has been when Wyld’s persona to the public got revealed to his mother, who knew nothing about the scandals that were published. In the beginning moments, it was quite infuriating because it wasn’t Wyld who told his mother, it was the CEO. This launched him to explain the whole truth to his mother, writing about the allegations he’d been accused of and why he chooses to stick with this Wyld persona. It also marked a point in character development,whereas before, Wyld would’ve kept the whole truth from her just to stay in character. As mentioned, nothing good lasts forever in the story, but Wyld’s mother took the news surprisingly well. 

Another moment of mine that has slowly grown to be impactful is the moment where Wyld lost his one true friend Junsu, once again as a result of the CEO’s manipulation. For one second of Wyld’s life, he showed signs of anger towards the CEO by saying he was going to leave MAYHEM. He was powerless against the CEO, yet it marked another point of character growth for him as well. Where once Wyld would have accepted defeat because the CEO has the upper hand, he managed to rile up the CEO creating fear of what would happen to him and his entertainment if Wyld really left. 

Overall, Lost in Translation is an extraordinary story about entertainment industries and how they might not always appear to be what they seem. While it is a fictional story, there are many touching factors making it relatable to readers. It shows the effects of what happens to others because of manipulation, and how every possible decision can affect a person’s careers and goals. Overcoming obstacles and learning to not detriment one’s self is another prominent aspect of Lost in Translation. 

The webtoon is filled with many cliffhangers and communication problems, yet it shares a remarkable story. A highly recommendable ongoing story for fans who enjoy reading about overcoming obstacles and drama.