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Top five R&B songs

The five R&B songs on this list below are some of the best and well known songs of their genre. A few of these songs are recently released singles from this year, with other popular songs coming off albums from this past year. The list starts with big names such as SZA and Brent Faiyaz who both released big projects in the past 6 months. With more up and coming artists on this list with two grammy-nominees, one being the winner for best new artist at the grammy, Coco Jones, Victoria Monet and Bratz who did a collaboration with Drake. These songs continue to hold and gain their popularity on streaming platforms and social media with apps like TikTok giving them success.


Saturn by Sza

SZA’s latest single “Saturn” released just a little over a year after her grammy winning album SOS. The song was a surprise release which came with a five song bundle releasing the original, live version, sped up version, instrumental version, and acappella version.The chorus conveys the metaphor of Saturn, which stands for the experience of being stuck in a pattern and unable to escape it. SZA has a persistent feeling of disappearing, as though she is unable to cling to anything meaningful. She does, however, express some hope, saying that it’s all hers and implying that if she looks further, she could find something valuable to save.The overall song dives deeply into introspection as it examines the need for fulfillment and significance in life. It illustrates the universal need for meaning and an escape from the ordinary while providing a window into the artist’s own search for self-awareness and a deeper meaning.

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Outside all night by Brent Faiyaz 

“Outside all night” coming off of Brent faiyaz’s second studio album, Larger Than Life ,which was also a surprise drop to streaming services. The song is the most streamed song off the album and has over one hundred million streams, just on spotify. The song features A$AP ROCKY & N3WYRKLA, with the song being his first collaboration with A$AP but not his first with N3WYRKLA which they now have two projects together. The song explores the difficulties of relationships, the need for connection, and understanding paired with its compelling tune. The tone is created in the chorus by Faiyaz, who expresses his desire to gain insight into someone’s heart through a symbolic quest for signs in the stars. This implies a more profound need for an emotional bond as well as a need for clarity in a potentially hazy and unclear relationship.


ICU by Coco Jones

“ICU” was the leading single off her debut album What I Didn’t Tell You. Coco Jones’s career started long before the release of this album, with her previously dropping many singles and appearing in many tv shows and movies while also being regularly featured on Disney. The song “ICU” focuses on the deep feelings and difficulties of a love that is difficult to end. The chorus makes clear how reliant on her partner Coco Jones is. She acknowledges that she is incomplete and lost without him, and that she needs him in her life. The song’s lyrics imply that she has come to rely on him and can’t help but see and feel him even when they are apart. The song portrays the uncertainty, need, and dependency that can develop when two people are truly connected but find themselves struggling to maintain their relationship. 


Act ii: date @ 8 by 4Batz, Drake

4Bartz is a new and upcoming artist with only a few official singles, this being his first collaboration with Drake. The song first grew its popularity across social media platforms now having over 50 million streams just on spotify. “Act II: Date @ 8 (Remix)” goes into the complicated nature of current relationships by fusing themes of materialism, affection, and devotion. A dynamic where lavish presents and gestures are utilized to show love and devotion. The dynamic shown emphasizes the value of emotional connection and moving on from painful memories.


On My Mama by Victoria Monet 

“On my mama” is one of their singles off of Victoria Monet’s debut album Jaguar ll. With “On My Mama” being the leading single of the album. Victoria Monet was a huge hit at this past year’s Grammys being nominated for best R&B song and Record of the Year for “On My Mama”.She was also nominated and won the Grammy award for Best New Artist. The song “On My Mama” honors self-assurance, beauty, and individual value. Victoria Monét sings expressing how she values her individuality and won’t allow anyone to make her a lesser version of herself. It is an anthem for everyone who desires to feel strong and self-assured in their own flesh.

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