Families are overspending on Prom

Students are splurging for a night on the dancefloor

The senior class of 2015 poses for a group picture at last years Prom.


The senior class of 2015 poses for a group picture at last year’s Prom.

Senior year is coming to an end and seniors are counting the days until their most anticipated night: Prom.

The Prom frenzy is in full blast. Girls and boys alike are preparing to lavish themselves with over-the-top dresses and tuxedos in the attempts to upstage one another. The rush is on to buy last-minute designer dresses, heels and jewelry. They are preparing everything, right down to the last perfectly painted and polished nail.

“The dress, the hair, the makeup, everything costs so much money,” junior Mollie Valorose said.

Boys, on the other hand, are in need of different items besides their outfit.

“Personally, I think it’s a tradition for guys to pay for the tickets, corsage, dinner and limos,” junior Danyom Beyene said. “People tend to go all out when it comes to Prom, but that is only because Prom is an irreplaceable high school memory.

Prom is  definietly not cheap. While they are memories with  sentimental value, the cost and stress is definitely remembered. A Visa study shows that on average, parents cover 73 percent of the cost.

“I got lots of help from my parents when I went to my high school Prom,” English  teacher Ana Dillon said. “But I also saved up my paychecks so the load wouldn’t be completely on my parents.”

Even Promposals have become elaborate and expensive when students attempt to make it the most memorable invite of the year.

According to VISA, nationwide, teenagers going to Prom spend about $324 solely on the Promposals.

The national average in 2013 on Prom spending overall was $1,139. This seems more than a bit irrational considering students should keep in mind that they have to put down deposits for college which is right around the corner.

“Spending that much money on one night is completely ridiculous,” senior Kasana Nguyen said. “There are more important things that money could be spent on,  like college payments.”

Like the previous year, this year’s tickets for Prom will be $45.

Not all believe that $45 is cheap.

“A $45 ticket is expensive.” English teacher Brian Aldenderfer said. “However if you want a nice night, a nice prom, then yeah it’s a little steep.”

Some students disagree that it’s necessary to buy an expensive wardrobe, dinner, and ride for Prom.

“The need to outdo one another is ridiculous,” senior Mahlate Bereket said. “This is supposed to be a time to have that one last fun night with your friends before we have to pack up for college.”

Although some may argue that Prom is an important time in one’s life, it is not going to be the highlight of it. Looking back on those Prom memories you’ve had with friends will be great, but just to have that nostalgic feeling.

To save money on jewelry, consider buying them from inexpensive retail stores. Instead of paying for an expensive, fancy restaurant, try having a homemade candlelit dinner. Prom is not about who is wearing the best designer dress or who has the best ride.

Overspending does not ensure a perfect Prom, “You want it to end up just like the movies, but you end up paying a lot of money to have a great time,” said Dillon.