Protest to voice your opinion


Aseal Saed, Editorials Editor

The post-election shock has worn off. It has been 70 days since we have learned of the outcome.

Now, Americans have come to terms, with the fact that Donald Trump is to be the 45th President of the United States.

Since then,  Americans have been waiting for Trump to mature and show the class that a president should exude.

Yet, we continue to see countless times where Donald Trump has lied to and manipulated the public. Because of this, we must remain vigilant in holding our president accountable.

However, many believe that this can be done with a simple tweet. Even with the feeling of validation from retweets and favorites from friends, change is not happening.

This idea of change through social media is mostly believed by teens.

If they truly believe in change, there is more that students can do with their voices. including protests.  After the election, protests all over the country sprung up in various cities for people to voice their anger.

Students all over the country were compelled to act in their own way: walkouts.

AHS, like countless other schools, held its own students led walkout in November in protest of Donald Trump’s presidency.

However, if students really want to be a part of change and really care about their cause, then going beyond  their comfort zone is important.

This inauguration season there are numerous protests that students can choose from to be a part of real change that will receive national coverage; protests where their voices will be heard and could actually enact change.

The day after the election, numerous protests are scheduled to happen. One of the most notable is the Women’s March on Washington. at 10 am., Saturday Jan. 21.

The march was organized by a board  of women who have a background in social justice to fight back against the rhetoric spoken against marginalized groups.

It is expected that over 200,000 people are going to show up and students can register on their website.

If we want to make a change, this is a real opportunity to fight back and actually show that you mean what you say.

AHS is such a diverse school which claims to fight against  intolerance. This is an opportunity to do so in a way that could actually enact changes.

Being next to arguably one of the most powerful cities, protests allow for new changes.  It’s time for students to get together and fight for something they believe in.

This inaugural protests is a perfect way for students to organize in a meaningful and powerful way.

By being a part of a powerful  movement, later on you can look back and be proud that you were a part of something bigger than yourself.