Annandale’s new crown JUUL

Popular e-cigarette sweep the halls of AHS

Watch out marijuana, there is a new drug in town, and it is sweeping through school hallways and bathrooms all across the country. The growth in popularity of JUUL’s, the latest e-cigarette device, throughout Fairfax County has been deemed as a “cool” trend.
Their discreet and sleek design resembles a USB drive, making it easy for students to conceal and use in school. However, before you decide to purchase or use one, you should understand precisely what you are putting into your body.
They may appear or seem harmless. But, students wrongfully think that if they use it in moderation, it will not affect them negatively. Yes, they provide a healthier alternative in comparison to cigarettes. However, this only applies to habitual cigarette smokers, not underage teenagers seeking a headrush, unknowingly getting themselves hooked on the sensation that nicotine provides.
The flavors of mango, strawberry, or even mint may be appealing. However, they still pack a serious punch of nicotine. Once you take the first hit, your brain automatically associates the sweet flavors of the JUUL as “good,” triggering your pleasure center to equate JUULing automatically as good. However, it simply is not.
Like every other drug, one hit can change your entire life. What’s important to remember is that because nicotine is so addictive, starting now through e-cigarettes translates to a lifelong addiction, possibly leading to something stronger, such as traditional cigarettes.
Even a little bit of nicotine in the bloodstream redirects the path of the blood and oxygen, rapidly increasing your risk of suffering from nicotine’s negative side effects. It can disrupt brain activity, reproductive system, and even eyesight.
Many students blame stress and anxiety for the reason behind why they vape or JUUL. My heart goes out to students who are staying up late studying for IB exams and their classes, but school is not an excuse or even a means of justification.
The true and straightforward reason for the rise in JUULing is because you think that everyone else is doing it. You think that you can gain status or brownie points for going along with this new trend causing it to become a social norm. But is this ten-second headrush worth the short-term and long-term consequences of nicotine entering the body?
A device that was meant to provide assistance and help addiction, instead, has become a public health threat. At alarming rates, the drug has become so popular that even middle school students in Fairfax County are using it too.
What happened to kids just playing Call of Duty or even Club Penguin for that matter? What has our nation become, where 12-year-olds are using drugs and vaping on school grounds?
Do not fall under the pressures of wanting to be “cool” in high school. But instead, ask yourself the question: Is it worth it to experience short-term pleasure for a lifetime of pain and repercussion?