Trump email hypocrisy


Jane Elkins, Staff Writer

Emails! Emails! Emails! This was a constant refrain during the 2016 election cycle. Republicans made sure voters knew about Hilary Clinton’s private email scandal and Donald Trump even made it one of his main focuses in his campaign, labeling his opponent “Crooked Hillary”. This makes the actions of Ivanka Trump, the president’s daughter as well as a part of Trump’s Cabinet as Special Advisor, all the more hypocritical.

All federal employees must abide by certain ethics, standards, and rules. This includes following guidelines that are set in place to protect classified information from getting into the wrong hands. Ivanka Trump was found to have breached this as White House officials learned that for most of 2017, she sent hundreds of emails that discussed private White House business using a private email.

The spokesman for Ivanka Trump’s Lawyer, Peter Mirijanian, said in a statement that Trump only used her private email sporadically and before she was a briefed on the rules. He also said that no classified information was sent.

However, this does not excuse what she did. You would think that since her father’s main attack against Hilary Clinton was for using a personal email account as secretary of state she, of all people, would know how wrong it is.

She and her lawyers are claiming that she didn’t know that it was a violation of federal guidelines but I refuse to believe that she is that ignorant. Clearly, everyone joining the Trump administration should have been on high alert about personal email use.

Ivanka Trump’s actions are inexcusable and she should know better.