Will FCPS get more snow days?

Marian Osman, Staff Writer

FCPS has already had two missed school day for the school year 2018-2019. On November 15, 2018, FCPS closed schools because of weather conditions the snow had caused. The other missed school day is January 14, 2019, also because of the harsh conditions of the snow.

Global warming has a big part to play in the amount of snow that the Southeast in North America is predicted to get. Scientists have said that winter will be shorter but will be rougher than other winters that have occurred. This means that Virginia could possibly be getting more snow days, because of the location that the state is in, the Southeast.

According to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the 10 warmest records since 1997 have happened. The National Atmospheric and Oceanographic Administration (NOAA), also reports that we’ve had the warmest decades since 1000 A.D.

While extreme weathers such as, hurricanes, droughts, and snowstorms, are most likely to be the side effects of global warming, many scientists say that these weather conditions cannot be connected precisely to a warming or cooling climate.

“I’m excited for snow days to come, but I don’t want to get my hopes up, because you never know with Northern Virginia,” sophomore Siryet Girma said. “Even if we get to miss some school days I don’t want to have to make them up if we miss too much.”

Either way, we should keep in mind that when it does become cold and we turn up the thermostat to stay warm, we are adding to global warming by increasing the amount of fossil fuel that we use.

President Trump and Republicans deny global warming even being a thing, because of how cold it is going to be getting in the Southeast. Global warming will be making some places warmer and some places a lot colder.

“Trump continues to think that global warming is a thing and won’t believe it until it becomes really hot,” sophomore Kristina Regmi said. “But if what scientists are saying is true, then I’m excited to stay at home for a couple of days.”

Students should prepare themselves for a cold winter with or without snow. Even if it does snow, the students will have to be paying with a catch, because there is only a certain amount of days of school that can be missed without making up any.

If what the scientists say is true and students miss 18, 19, 20 there will be no makeup required. But if it is the 20th missed day, April 5th will be the makeup day.