Breonna Taylor deserved better

Many already knew the outcome of Breonna Taylor’s case before it was even announced. Nobody had faith that the justice system would do her any good. They were right to believe that, because that’s exactly what happened.
Brett Hankison, Breonna’s killer, walked away with a wanton endangerment charge. He wasn’t charged for her murder. He was charged for endangering her neighbors.

Since the hearing, overwhelming amounts of evidence had surfaced, and more questions had arisen. Breonna was shot on March 13, but the body cam footage of the police officers wasn’t released until early October.
Protests broke out all over the country due to the unjust decision that was made.

Louisville officer Joshua Jaynes had also lied under oath about many of the instances that took place the night of Breonna’s murder. The warrant that they had was falsified by Jaynes. Therefore, they had no right to break into Breonna’s home.

The grand jury should have held the officers responsible for Breonna’s death. It is clear that there is more to the story and that the Attorney General and Louisville police department are sitting on important information.

They are trying to hide important pieces of evidence that could’ve played a huge role in the outcome of Taylor’s case.
Breonna’s family have been fighting for the recordings of the grand jury hearing to be released.

Attorney General Daniel Cameron has been receiving backlash after filing a motion to keep the grand jury files under wraps.
Curfews have been set in many states in response to the public outcry. This situation will continue to escalate as Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, speaks about what really happened that night.
People will not stop protesting until justice is delivered.

Breonna is one of many that have faced the consequences at the hands of police brutality. Many media outlets have been trying to portray Taylor as a criminal. She was a victim. She deserved better.