Fall Playlist

Vamp Anthem by Playboi Carti-

Released in 2020 as part of Carti’s Whole Lotta Red album, Vamp anthem samples toccata and fugue in D minor as its central beat. With a tempo of 164 bpm, this song is a high-energy and upbeat take on modern rap.





The Time Warp by Richard O’Brien, Patricia Quinn, and Nell Campbel-

The Time Warp was released in 1975 from the soundtrack of a musical comedy called The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The song includes classic instrumentals and a range of eccentric voices. Its dramatic and bizarre sounds create a vibe perfect for Halloween.





Back to the Old House by The Smiths-

One of The Smiths popular songs, Back to the Old House, was released in 1984 in their Hatful of Hollow album.This song’s mellow, solemn tone makes it a great addition to your fall playlist.





Season of the Witch by Lana Del Rey-

Season of the witch is a song by Donavan, released in 1966. Lana Del Rey’s rendition of the song was recorded as part of the Friday the 13th album featured in the motion picture Scary Stories to tell in the Dark.