The 5 best concert venues in DC


Hearing one of your favorite artists announce their tour dates and they are coming to a city nearby is an excitement like no other.

 The anticipation of waiting in the ticket queue hoping you get a ticket. You might even set an alarm to make sure you’re in the ticket queue on time. 

The excitement of marking your calendar for the date of the show, as you prepare what you might wear and plan out how you’ll get to the venue.

Then the day comes and you wait in line for hours, when the line starts to move and you get to your spot and the excitement you and whoever else is at the concert with you all collectively feel. After the opener plays, you finally see the artist come on stage and start their set. 

It’s a feeling and such an excitement that makes live music such a great experience. It’s made concerts become so popular and such a staple in so many people’s lives. 

The ability to scream your favorite songs right back at the artists who wrote it is an incredible experience. 

These 5 local concert venues located close by in the nation’s capital, Washington DC, are great ways to experience live music from your favorite artists. 

The venues below each are very different so depending on the type of concert experience you are looking for make sure to read each description to make sure it’s right for you. 

Some of these venues feature very small and intimate experiences between the artists and the audience while other venues feature bigger named artists with larger fan bases for a much more crowded and hyped experience. 

Washington DC is so blessed to have such great music venues that gives locals the opportunity to enjoy  and experience incredible live music from all different genres, backgrounds and artists without having to travel far.


The 9:30 Club

The 9:30 club doubles for a concert venue and nightclub and is located at  815 V st NW Washington, D.C 2001-3020. This Venue has been open since 1980 and appeared in the top ten best live music Venues in America Rolling Stones Magazine. The Venue fits 1,200 people and offers  a standing room facing the stage, a bar and balcony seating. The standing room being so close to the stage gives an intimate feel that the audience can receive from the performer. Ticket prices normally range from $30-$70 per concert or event.

The Anthem

The Anthem is a music venue located at 901 Wharf St SW, Washington DC 20024. Its location on the Wharf makes waiting in line enjoyable with the waterfront view and great dining options. The Venue is designed with a large standing room facing the large stage and reserved balcony seating available for a higher ticket price, that surrounds the venue. It fits around 2,500- 6,000 people and has been known to many local DC and Nova residents as the go to concert venue. The Venue’s  pricing with most concerts being $60-$100 for a ticket and some of the big name artists the Anthem features, makes the venue a great choice when seeing a great show.

The DC 9 Nightclub

The Nightclub includes a basement bar and restaurant and a rooftop deck. Its middle tier is a very intimate venue that offers a capacity of only 250 people. With the venues such small size it offers such a unique concert experience for a very low ticket price. From the small indie bands and artists that perform, the venue creates such an intimacy and connection to the audience and performers that is so special to the DC 9. Artists even have to walk through the audience to get to the stage and often talk with the audience member after the show. The DC 9 Nightclub is located at 1940 9th St NW, Washington DC, 20001, only a few blocks down from the 9:30 club.


Union Stage

Another very intimate venue and fan favorite for live music located at 740 Water St SW, Washington DC 20024 by the Wharf and very close to the much larger venue featured, The Anthem. The Venue fits only 450 people and has a restaurant and bar inside. Ticket prices tend to be low for the indie artists and bands that play at Union Stage. The venue only offers a standing room but is very close to the stage to achieve the Venue’s goal of creating an intimate feel for the audience and performer.


Black Cat

The Black Cat offers a very unique array of performers with the indie, rock and alternative bands and artists who get the opportunity to perform there. The Black Cat was founded by the former drummer of  Gray Matter Dante Ferrando. He also received investments from Dave Grohl, The drummer of Nirvana and leader of Foo Fighters. The Venue is located at 1811 14th St NW, Washington Dc 20009.