From El Salvador to the U.S.

Map of El Salvador

Map of El Salvador

It’s not easy to change culture when you go to a new country and you don’t know how the system works.

When I came to the USA it was hard for me to adapt to the new culture.

Some of the reasons why is  was hard to adapt to the U.S.

Some differences between my home country and USA were for example, weather, technology and school.

Here in USA the weather is crazy. In my home country which is El Salvador we only have two seasons during the year while in the Unite States we have four seasons summer, fall, winter, and spring.

In USA sometimes is cold sometimes it is hot. In addition, every time the weather  changes many people get sick. In the USA it rains really hard where sometimes you cannot go out to play soccer or walk with your friends and you are bored at home watching television. In conclusion, I prefer the weather in El Salvador.

Technology in United States is very advanced however in my country technology is terrible. In the United States cars are very advanced. Many have GPS. One major advantage here in USA is that you have more access to internet. In addition,  schools have a very advance  technology, for example for student is easier to do homework  and projects because you have more access to internet.

For  students in the United States  they learn more than El Salvador because  they do not wasted time bad things that will not help them. We receive good education and students are very smart. They also teach us important concepts that we can use in the future. One of the important things about school here is that it is free; you  do not pay any fee to anybody so here you have the opportunity to go to school and be someone in life.

By the way, I like school better here than El Salvador.

In conclusion I think the United States is a better country than El Salvador. Although it’s different, United States is a good nation.

The weather, technology and school are all  totally different. Between the  countries of El Salvador and United States, I prefer the weather from my country, but I prefer technology and school here in USA. Overall I am glad to be here.