Annual battle of the classes gets a wonderful winter twist


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From one class to the next, giant snowmen adorn the doors as they gather not dust, but rather white snowflakes on their bellies. As another spirit event approaches, the Student Government Association (SGA) heads the effort to raise money and pep up the students of AHS. In one week, Battle of the Classes will start at the end of the schoolday during double R5 flex.

Battle of the Classes is a popular school event where students and teachers sign up to watch or be a part of a competition between the freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior classes. In the previous year, students participated in dance-offs, relays, and the amusing “don’t-forget-the-lyrics.”

Battle of the Classes is being organized differently this year by the students in Leadership classes and the SGA. Last year, classes were allowed to go based on which teachers signed up first. This year, there are “snowflakes” which are being sold for .25 cents a piece.

The classes with the most snowflakes are allowed to go while the others are forced to stay in their classrooms.

Students are excited to buy snowflakes as many line up in crowds to get the most snowflakes so their R5 class can attend. “The snowflake drive has been a big sucess this year. We’ve raised about $200 already,” junior leadership student Anam Asif said.

Contrary to popular belief, the money raised from the snowflake drive is not going to AHS, but to local charties. “The money that we’ve raised will be given to organizations like Fairfax Hospital,” Asif said.

This year, there will be old favorites like dont-forget-the-lyrics and relays, but there will be some new additions to Battle of the Classes like tug-of-war as well. AHS students are getting excited for the event, which will be held next week Friday, January 14.