MLK Day: celebrated or not?


Gediyon Kifle

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial in Washington, D.C. is a popular place to celebrate MLK Day despite the fact that many students do not personally observe the federal holiday.

The three-day weekend was made possible by a past leader of social change: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial services for the deceased King were held across the nation, including at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial in Washington, D.C.

For many, Jan. 16 was a chance to thank King for his contributions to today’s society. But for many AHS students, it was just an extra day off.

“I didn’t really think about [Martin Luther King, Jr. Day] yesterday. It was just a day off of school,” sophomore Kiwon Sue said. “My family doesn’t celebrate it.”

Sue’s sentiment was shared among the general student body. Not many visited the MLK Memorial, watched parades on T.V. or took part in festivities.

“I celebrate by doing homework,” senior James Bui said. “I really appreciate what he’s done.”

Though many used the day to get ahead on their schoolwork, some took a minute to let the world know of their appreciation for King. Many did so through the most convenient way possible — social media networks.

Both Facebook and Twitter were flooded with MLK Day statuses, ranging from quotes to expressions of thanks for the day off of school.

“I posted a status on Facebook,” junior Judith Cruz said. “[It was] one of the quotes he said about how we don’t have to care for ourselves, but for other people.”

Through the onslaught of statuses and tweets, a few weren’t so grateful to the crusader.

“What bothers me is people dissing [King] on Facebook. They just don’t understand the implications of the actions he took,” Bui said.

King would have been 83 years old.