Sophomores celebrate a year’s worth of work


A group of sophomores celebrate their achievements while enjoying refreshments in the Bistro.

After a year’s worth of planning and work, sophomore Adriana Jemeniz enjoyed a slice of vanilla cake and a bag of Doritos alongside her other friends celebrating the completion of their MYP projects at the MYP Project Fair during Atom Time this morning. Students in good standing, teachers, and visitors were encouraged to head to the cafeteria to view projects and celebrate the many successes by a majority of sophomore students.

Sophomores in Honors English were required to participate in the project and the fair while other students in non-honor classes could participate as well.

The completed project consisted of a five to seven page personal reflection, journal entries, and a final visual project to present in the fair. After the event, participants turned in their journals, personal statements, and final products to their supervisors and English teachers for final evaluation.

“This project was hard; especially the final product. We deserve this little celebration,” Jeminez said. “It really shows us [participants] that they appreciate our work and time that we put in to create the projects.”

Linda Bradshaw is the curator of the MYP program and leader for all MYP projects. Bradshaw printed multiple name tags, sent multiple emails, and kept constant alert of the process to ensure that the process and fair would go as smoothly as possible.

“These students really deserve this celebration,” Bradshaw said. “It was a long, hard road.”

AHS’s Bistro helped to bake and distribute slices of vanilla and chocolate cake as students sat down with other fellow participants to relax and enjoy the celebration together. Chips and water were also provided as part of the fair.

“It was great that everyone made such a big deal to help celebrate our work,” sophomore Daniel Thomas said. “I am just really glad that now I can look back and say I worked really hard to get everything done and that my hard work was appreciated.”