Students earn honor roll breakfast


The first quarter honor roll breakfast was held today in the cafeteria.

The honor roll breakfast was during Atom Time and recognized the students that were able to attain all A’s and/or B’s on their report card.

The breakfast, sponsored by the PTSA, acts as an incentive for all students to try and earn those better grades and appreciates the ones who do.

“I studied and worked hard to get the grades that got me here,” freshman Ashley Briton said.

The PTSA sponsored the event for the scholars and the breakfast was cooked by the culinary arts department. It included foods such as fruit, doughnuts and other breakfast items.

“I’m really excited to be invited to the breakfast,” junior Trevor Barry said.

Some students are already looking forward to next quarter’s breakfast.

“If I can keep up my study habits I should be able to earn the honor roll breakfast again,” sophomore Molly Keck said.