Annandale Singers perform for senior citizens


Briar Creek Photography

The Annandale Singers will wear their traditional Renaissance costumes to perform on Friday.

On Dec. 14, AHS’s choral group, Annandale Singers, put on their traditional Renaissance costumes and leave for the Sleepy Hollow Senior Living Center early on Friday morning. The group will be performing 6-8 songs for elderly residents in the area.

“[The performance was] a good chance to perform in the community and it’s nice that we [got] the day off school,” senior Patricia Webb said.

The songs were mostly holiday themed, featuring several songs in foreign languages like Hebrew, Latin, and Spanish.

The event also gave the chorus a chance to showcase their classic madrigal costumes, which they wear typically to perform a repertoire of chamber music. The girls’ outfits feature two- or three-piece gowns and headpieces while the boys wear feathered hats, pantaloons, chainmail, and tights.

“It [was] of fun because we all [got] to hang out and eat lunch together after the performance,” Webb said.