“A” great winter premiere

ABC Familys hit show, Pretty Little Liars, began its new season on Jan. 9.

ABC Family’s hit show, “Pretty Little Liars,” began its new season on Jan. 9.

Last night the long awaited winter premiere of Pretty Little Liars aired on ABC Family. In the opening scene as the infamous eerie music played I began to remember how scary the show actually is.

A skateboarder is skating down the road being chased by a hooded driver in a black car later identified as Toby, Spencer’s boyfriend who, last season was revealed as one of the “A” Team.

As the music continued the camera zoomed onto Hanna sleeping who was startled by Mona. Yes Mona aka “A”! At this point so many questions were running through my head. Why was Mona out of Radly? Why is Mona in Hanna’s room? Why isn’t Hanna freaking out that the person who has tormented her and her friends so long is in her room?!

As Mona began to reassure Hanna that she has changed because of her meds more and more, it made me believe her less and less. I was reminded of the previous season finally when Mona left you hanging by saying “change of plans.” She is lying through her teeth.

The next day at school the girls are conflicted whether or not to accept Mona or not. But after a few sinister looks from Mona and a knifed brain found in her locker the girls soon forget all thoughts of remorse.

During school Emily notices Mona talking to a Janitor. She recognizes him from the Lost Woods Resorts so automaticly she knows something isnt right.

The girls meet up to check out the Janitors closet to see if there is anything suspicious. Sure enough what do the find? “A’s” Diary. The janitor finds them and starts questioning them but Toby came to the rescue.

If you are anything like me at this point then you would be screaming at the TV wondering why the girls are so stupid that they don’t realize that Toby just magically knew where they were.

Aria Finds out from the Diary page that her Dad might be connected in some way to Allison’s murder and is now suspicious about him.

Later Aria’s Dad accuses her and her friends of writing his girlfriend Meredith a note saying to go into a shed. The shed catches on fire. Aria knows it was “A” but cant say anything to her Dad.

Spencer goes back to Jason’s house to warn him about Mona again. When she leaves Mona comes and treats a stab wound on Jason’s side. OH NO! that just confirmed Jason of being the one Aria stabbed with a screw driver on the Halloween train.

I thought this was a great winter premiere and I don’t know what to expect next.