Students present in annual Science Fair


Yesenia Blount

Senior Bryan Jefferson stands in front of his individual science experiment.

Senior Bryan Jefferson stood along side other AHS science fair participants and waited for judges to come by and critique his individual project.

“When working alone you don’t have to depend on others and you can work at your own pace,” Jefferson said.

From freshmen to seniors and from biology to physics, all varieties of students and projects were displayed in the cafeteria on Thursday, Feb. 7.

Students were allied to work in groups, pairs, or individually. Their project idea had to follow the basis of the scientific method.

“We chose this topic because we’re going to be driving soon and wanted to find out about different surfaces and speeds,” freshman Ashley Giddings said.

The scientific method consist of a hypothesis, independent variable, dependent variable, constants, trials and control.

“The project itself took 24 days. We had eight days for each trial and had three trials,” sophomore Rasel Abutaa said.

Science teachers helped keep students on track by passing out a packet for deadlines assigned to various portions of the project.

“Our teacher actually helped a lot. He let us use his room for our experiment,” junior Gabrielle Casey said.

Faculty members, science teachers, parents, and other adults aided in the judging process. Judges asked a variety of questions pertaining to the project to test the students knowledge on their project.

The students with the highest ranking projects are moved to the regional competition and then hopefully to states.