Career fair rewarding for students


Yesenia Blount

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On April 24, Freshman Jennifer Chang spent her atom time walking around with her friends gaining insight on many different jobs and colleges at the Career fair.

“I am interested in the army; partially because I have a member in the army. I am also interested in the art institute and maybe being a lifeguard this summer,” Chang said.

The career fair was held during atom time in the upstairs gym. The career center specialist Robin Roth put together the fair.

“You contact different organizations and jobs. I also contact people that have different careers,” Roth said.

The fair was targeted for both confused seniors trying to find a career path and grade level students looking for summer jobs.

“I am hoping they can a) find a summer job or b) a career path for the future after high school,” Roth said.

The AMC and two lifeguard booths offered summer jobs. The NOVA and The Art Institute booth offered advice on majors the first steps to application. The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising gave out DVDs. The Army, Marines, and Air Force educated students on qualifications to go academy. Other booths such as Washington Gas, Aquatics and My Plumber passed out pamphlets and pens.

“AMC had a cool booklet. The pictures were interesting and they told us that they liked having young workers so its better knowing you’re working with high schooler rather than older people,” junior Katherine Mendoza said.