Long-term friendship still going strong

Juniors Julie Swenton and Hannah Shartel discuss their friendship of 11 years


“I don’t think it’s possible for us not be friends,” Shartel said.  Swenton and Shartel have been friends for about 11 years since they met at preschool. “We introduced ourselves to each other because it was easier to approach her as a kid,” Swenton said.

The two were insepearble as they always spent time together going to water parks the pool or Swenton’s farm.

“It’s good to have a childhood friend because you know they’re always going to be there for you and they were your day one friend,” Swenton said.

Although the two don’t get to hang out often, they still get along and laugh with each other when they are together.

“My favorite thing about our friendship is that we have a lot of good memories and inside jokes that we can still remember,” Shartel said.

“I could look back at so many memories with her and I can’t do that with anybody else,” Swenton said.

Over the span of their friendship they’ve found ways to hang out despite their busy schedules. Although the two don’t have classes together they’ve spent this past homecoming, winter break and birthdays together. The two still hope their friendship lasts past high school. “I think we’ll be in contact and will always be family friends and keep in touch,” Swenton said.