Atoms Code! New club for coding

Students have gathered together to form the first programming club at AHS, Atoms Code!

The club was founded by senior Christopher Han in order to give students an opportunity to indulge themselves into programming activities.

“I created Atoms Code! because I was dissatisfied with the computer science department here at AHS,” Han said. “I wanted to create another place students could go to if they wanted to get started with programming.”
The club isn’t just for those who are experienced coders, it also consists of those who are just interested in the subject.

“There are some members that have completed multiple projects and there are others that have no coding experience at all,” Han said. “We take all kinds of talent at Atoms Code!”

One of the perks of the club is that it unites kids who are passionate about coding and brings them together to perform activities. The environment is that of a club, not a classroom, so there are no coding assignments due outside of the club. Instead they do projects during their meetings.

“I don’t want this club to be a class. There’s no pressure for anyone to meet a deadline or finish a project,” Han said. “Right now, we’re working on creating a website for the club and we’re thinking about entering a mobile app competition.”

Students have joined this club in hopes to expand their knowledge of programming and to realize their coding potential.

“I joined the club because I want to be a computer engineer in the future,” senior Natnael Weldegiorgis said. “I felt like it was a good opportunity to develop my coding skills while having fun with my peers.”

Don’t be discouraged to come to the club meetings if programming isn’t necessarily your forte; all students are welcome to join.

“For anyone that wants to join the club, I say go ahead and join in,” Weldegiorgis said. “I promise this club is a very stress free, yet productive club that you won’t regret joining.”

For further information about Atoms Code! ask Ms. Scharankov in the library.