2018 Prom recap


Courtesy of Ruth Seyoum

A group of prom attendees pose for a picture prior to the dance.

Maryam Dereje, Lifestyles Editor

It was that time of the year again, where students of AHS dressed up and prepared for prom.

For many students, particularly seniors, they have been waiting for the night following a plethora of promposals and ticket purchases.  

Students attending prom had to purchase their prom ticket by May 2 for $50, two days prior to prom.  

Students were permitted to leave school grounds at 1:20 the day of prom in order to prepare for the night.

From there, students made multiple efforts to be ready on time. Many rushed to get to their hair or makeup appointments, to get their look just right.

Prom was held at The Waterford Reception Center, in Springfield from 8-11 PM.

Waterford provided for a convenient location due to being located fairly close to school, unlike the lengthy distance to the location last year. Most students were able to drive themselves to the Waterford Center due to the short drive.

“My friends and I drove ourselves there,” senior Lesly Garcia Escobar said. “Everyone I know carpooled, since we were kind of worried we wouldn’t find space to park our cars. ”

The decorations at prom, from the posters outside to the water fountain at the entrance, were perfectly set up.  

This year prom had a very simple and dark theme. Attendees had the opportunity to take  pictures inside and outside, mainly prior to the event. Couples as well as groups of various sizes posed for pictures all throughout the night.

“I had a great time at prom this year,” senior Noura Sayyad said.  “The food they offered was really good and the best part was how there were mini tables and small chairs, especially since my heels were killing me from all the dancing.”

Overall, attendees had an outstanding time at prom as can be seen by the positive reviews heard all around.

“Overall it was a great experience and I had an amazing time,” said junior Keiry Moreira. “I think that it was hosted in a very nice place, it was roomy and everyone had space to dance without stepping on each other. It was worth spending the $50.”