Class of ’18 to graduate

Seniors prepare to walk across the stage at DAR Constitution Hall at conclusion of the school year

Kimberly Laura, Co-Editor in Chief

Senior Valeria Arnao has an app to help her count down the days until graduation. For Arnao, she will continue her academic life at James Madison University to continue music.

“Just yesterday I remember finishing freshman year,” said Arnao. “Now, I’m here graduating high school going into college.”

In 16 days, about 450 AHS seniors will graduate from Constitution Hall.

At graduation, the commencement speech will be given by speaker, Social Studies teacher Timothy Kelly, and the senior class president McKenzie Yi.

“We don’t really do anything in classes so that’s what is nice because you have a little breather,” senior class president McKenzie Yi said. “Although, so many people ask me questions about dues and tickets. So that’s stressful, but on top of that I have to write a speech to address my class. It’s hard coming up with things to say without being so boring.”

A special guest that will be attending is Assistant Superintendent for Region 2, Dr. Fabio E. Zuluaga.

FCPS county does not permit and discourages having a valedictorian. Previously, AHS acknowledged the top 10 highest GPA in the senior class, however, the school stopped since it is still classified as a form of ranking.

“Every year is bittersweet for me, as I’m so proud of the graduates, but sad that I’m not going to get to see them in my classroom,” senior class sponsor Whitney Hardy said. “I am so excited for our graduates and all that they are going to accomplish going forward with their lives.”

Graduation will held at Constitution Hall at 8 p.m. followed by All Night Grad for all 2018 graduates at 11 p.m through 5 a.m. Friday morning.

Only 2018 AHS grads may attend this event. It will be held at Audrey Moore REC Center.
Ticket forms are available online and hard copies are available in the front office of AHS.

The following morning, June 8th, there will be a three hour delay because of the late start of graduation.