English honor students speak with Jordan Romero

Kimberly Laura, Co-Editor in Chief

On Sept 5, during Pride Time, all of the 10th grade English honors students had the opportunity to do a Skype call with Jordan Romero, the youngest person to climb the seven summits; most notably, Romero holds the world record of climbing Mount Everest at the age of 13.

This opportunity relates to the current book they’re reading, “Into Thin Air” by Jon Krakauer, which is a personal account of the Mount. Everest Disaster in 1997.

Romero spoke about how on his first day of 4th grade, he saw a mural of the seven summits. That day, he learned what the seven summits were and sparked his dream to climb all the summits. Romero quickly told his father and step-mother about his goal and was supportive of his decision. Shortly after, he started to train for the challenges ahead of him. At first, Romero disliked hiking, but as he continued to research about the summits, he became more inspired. Romero recorded the full details of his adventures in his book, “No Summit out of Sight.”

During the Skype call, he explained the challenges of climbing all seven summits and the intense training that was required. Additionally, Romero discussed the culture shock he experienced with each location he visited.

Romero currently attends Westminster College where he is majoring in Environmental Studies. After going on various expeditions, Romero witnessed poverty and the consequences of environmental degradation, thus inspiring him to bring change.

“You have no idea the power of writing things down,” Romero said. After he climbed a summit, he checked off the mountain from his checklist. He advised students they can accomplish any dream; Romero had always kept a picture of the mural that inspired him as a constant reminder to continue to strive for his dream.