Classroom quads removed


Kimberly Vaides

The parking lot got larger after the trailer quads that were previously located there were removed.

Kimberly Laura, Co-Editor in Chief

In late June and early July of this year, the two trailer quads behind the modular unit were removed from AHS. In total, 8 classrooms were lost, but most teachers located in the quads have been relocated inside the school building.

The quads were transported to other schools in the county with a greater demand for classroom space.

The area originally occupied by the quads will now be used as additional parking space.

In addition to that, during the end of August, five of the small brown trailers next to the modular unit was removed. The trailers were previously used as semi-storage units. Additionally, the conditions of the trailers were unsuitable to be used as classrooms anymore. The area will eventually be plowed with new grass.

The removal the quads and trailers was not a school decision. Every school in Fairfax County goes through an annual review that measures how effectively a school utilizes their capacity.

Upon their review, it was noted that the trailers were not used as classrooms and could be removed. Moreover, the county noted that if the quads were removed, AHS could make up for the loss in the school building.

“We do have some teachers who are changing classrooms or sharing classrooms,” Principal Tim Thomas said. “We are fortunate to be in a situation at Annandale where teachers can have their own rooms.”

There will be no guarantee that AHS will regain additional trailers.