Uber Eats is unnecessary and overrated

Many were surprised to discover that Uber Eats deliveries are prohibited from campus. The result of this discovery was massive criticism and backlash towards not only the school administration, but practically any teacher who enforces the rule.

Students think that the school is purposely attempting to restrict their choices, however, this is not the case. Instead, students should recognize that this policy is in actuality a blessing in disguise: not only preventing future security issues, but also saving spending money for students.

AHS is a closed campus school. This means that students are not allowed to leave the building to purchase food from outside restaurants, such as Hunan Heritage, or call for deliveries from pizza joints and Uber Eats.

Due to these restrictions, many students complain about the difficulties and hardships that they face due to the prohibition of commercial food deliveries.
The first thing that students need to realize is that this is a countywide policy, not solely one at AHS. Students from Woodson to even South County are not allowed to have deliveries from local restaurants and delivery services during the school day either.

Why should AHS be the exception? In addition, this is prohibition is far from being a setback for students. Instead, this policy is placed to prevent safety threats to the student body.
In all honesty, the food from the cafeteria is far from being horrid or bad. The media has provided us with the misconception that school food is horrid and downright nasty. In actuality, our food is quite delicious and nutritious, providing a balance of all food groups. Many would say that the food is dry or downright inedible, but those students are simply being spoiled and ungrateful of the cafeteria workers’ hard work, time and dedication.

Instead of complaining about the school administration or breaking the rules, simply pack a lunch to school if you hate the cafeteria food so much.
Why resort to calling Uber Eats? It is a waste of both money and time. Not only does the food often arrive cold, but you have to pay for the $5 delivery charge as well. Save that money to pay for a football game ticket or something else that is more reasonable than buying a cold pancake or waffle from IHOP.