New agenda policy

Kimberly Laura, Co-Editor in Chief

Unlike previous years, many upperclassmen were surprised to find that they were not given personal agendas.

Prior to the start of the school year, AHS ordered approximately 1,000 agendas for these students.

The only ones given agendas were IB diploma candidates, ESOL, AVID, SPED and freshman students. There are a number of students who use the agendas daily, but others who don’t.

The reason for this change comes from our one to one ratio of students to computers.

The goal is to have students use their laptops or mobile phones to organize themselves with either online calendars or reminders.

Similarly, at West Springfield, they got rid of agendas entirely and now have an online agenda.

Recently, AHS ordered about 400 more agendas. Agendas are currently being sold in the main office for $5 for those who want one on a first come first serve basis.

AHS hopes to maintain this slow transition into online scheduling in the coming years.