FCPS removes Official Service Transcript

Kimberly Laura, Co-Editor in Chief

There was confusion among students who recently received an email that announced that x2VOL Official Service Transcript is no longer available to FCPS students.

“The purpose of x2VOL is for two purposes. One is to track volunteer hours for students that are required to report. We also have to report that data to the school system so this provides us with a way to do that,” resource teacher Laura Wells said. “The other purpose for x2VOL is to have students sign up for volunteer opportunities so it makes it easier to find opportunities on the community or organizations.”

Any student can use x2VOL to track hours of community service for honors societies or government hours. Additionally, students can use this program to fulfill service requirements to acquire the Service Learning Cord and Civic Seal; both are optional.

x2VOL is still available to all FCPS students.

However, it has been providing a feature that allows students to pay for an official service transcript, similar to academic transcripts that are sent to colleges.

“You don’t need an official service transcript for a college. For the most part, you list all of your activities in the common app even a scholarship,” Wells said. “All you do is go to x2VOL and print out the activity log. You have never needed an official service transcript for x2VOL.”

According to X2VOL, their Service Transcript reflects the characteristic of students and provides a record of total approved service hours logged into x2VOL.

FCPS decided to discontinue this feature because it isn’t necessary for students applying to college or in general.

“There was a mix up in the x2VOL. It should have never been an option in the first place. Students who registered in x2VOL with an email that wasn’t their school email where given the option to order an official service-learning transcript,” x2VOL coordinator Meagan Padgett said. “The county just wanted to clarify that nobody needed them.”

The school’s transition from Family Connections to Naviance impacted the set up of x2VOL and was a factor to this mix-up.

Those who happened to order the Official Service Transcript will receive a refund.

This year, the coordinator of x2VOL, Middle Years Program, and Service Learning are being passed from Wells to Padgett.