FCA grows on and off the field

New monthly event combines Bible study and games for all students

Kimberly Laura, Co-Editor in Chief

In the early morning of Halloween, before most students were at school, Junior Nate Peters began setting up for the first FCA meeting of the year.

Students who arrived at the event were welcomed with Christian music and a light breakfast. Peters led a warm-up game where everyone held hands in a circle with a trash can in the middle. The objective of their game was to pull others to touch the trash can to get them out.

Then, they all read a small passage together and had application questions, and downtime to talk with one another then went off to their first period classes once the bell rang.

“My goal is that students can come to FCA for a meaningful discussion with other students about how we can live a life serving Christ, and that people outside the club might see what we’re doing and want to be a part of it,” Peters said.

This is the new event FCA has introduced this year “Growing On and Off the Field.”

Fellowship of Christian Athletes has been a club treasured at AHS. This year, it was made active again by Co-leaders senior Han Gyul Chang and Peters, their sponsor Coach Hook and FCPS FCA Advisor Steve Able.

“The aim of this club is to unify athletes and coaches to have strong faith together while journeying in sports,” Chang said. “Everyone is welcome, but it’s geared mainly towards athletes who can strengthen their faith while playing a sport.”

The early morning meeting of the club is set to be more convenient that after school where there are practices. Additionally, it serves as a calm start to the school day with prayer and fellowship.

“I look forward to getting close with club members and getting to meet together to have fellowship,” Chang said.
The next FCA meeting will be Nov.14 at 7:20 a.m. in the upstairs gym.