Peach Fuzz to be held today

Kimberly Laura and Kimberly Laura

The annual Peach Fuzz volleyball event where senior and junior boys face off with teachers will be held today at 3:15 p.m. until late bus arrival. This year, admission will be free for all students.
Leadership has dedicated the past two months for preparations and practices for the boy’s volleyball game. A interest meeting for senior and junior boys was held in early March to set teams and begin preparations.
The junior team consists of Tarik Darweish, Luis Acevedo, Ryan Adams, Alieu Kamara, Maximus Lehaney, Kaleab Mengistu, Christian Nguyen and Andres Pacheco. Senior Danica Tran is the coach for the senior team.
The senior team consists of Ayman Elhag, Michael Behailu, Alejandro Casquino, Alex Bellem, Cameron Foti, Cort Hollis, Samir Hossain, Han Gyul Chang, Waleed Afridi, Amir Aburish and Angel Crespo.
“I’m looking forward to playing a fun game of volleyball with my friends,” Hossain said. “It’s one of the last events I’ll participate in for my senior year.”
Both juniors and seniors have been practicing during the last Pride Times with their coaches.
“I’m looking forward to leading my team to victory and humbling my senior acquaintances,” Darwiesh said.
The first to three games will win the match. However, the winner of the match will face off against the teacher team. The teacher team consists of their coach Niki Holmes and players Michael Mazzarella, Joseph Witkowski, Olivia Hess, Brian Aldenderfer, Chris Bagot, Sean Hardy, Jack Jennison, Carl Klein, Jae Lee and Mark Vitelli.
At last year’s Peach Fuzz, the juniors beat the seniors with a score of 2-1. Then, the juniors faced off with the teachers in a close game, but ultimately won and took the title. The players of the winning student or teacher team in the final round will be presented crowns and the title.