Has social media taken over our lives?

Insaf Bouzana, Staff Writer

Social media has taken over everyone’s life completely. With all the pressure of snapping and texting people back it can take a toll on us. We don’t realize how addicted we are to our phones until we are reminded by reality.

Many teens especially have trouble with self-esteem issues. Seeing influencers who have a picture perfect life affects the way they think that their lives should be.“Social media has impacted my life heavily, I see a lot of attractive females on my feed and compare myself to them, which lowers my self-esteem.” Junior Kylie Mum said.

Teens tend to spend hours on social media daily. This can affect their school work, mental health, and social life. Balancing all of these at once can stress teens out and cause difficulties in their lives.“I spend around four hours on social media daily. I usually spend time switching between netflix and instagram. I barely have time to focus on school work.” Sophomore Shada Ibrahim said. 

There are also many opinions on social media. Many believe social media has affected our society in a positive way. It helps teens interact with the real world and understand what’s happening in a way that teens can appreciate. Others see the exact opposite of this situation. They see social media as an outlet for bad influence. “Social media impacts teens in a negative way because many teens and young kids are influenced to do the wrong things just because they see it on social media.” Sophomore Fatu Kalokoh said.

Teens may not be reminded regularly to take a break from their phones but it is healthy to do so.