Social media and the pandemic


The effect on social media on teens, even children, and adults is insane. Some say it’s bad and some say it’s good. Once the COVID 19 Pandemic started, everyone was forced to stay at a home setting. It was very difficult to adapt to, but it was so quick that everyone was forced into it.

At first, everyone had very mixed feelings filled with stress, bewilderment, and curiosity. Once we got officially settled at being home, at least for a while, everyone got extremely dependent on social media and the internet for their entertainment because there was nothing else to really do.

“Covid affected my social life and how outgoing I used to be with my friends. It definitely changed me as a person and it was a hard experience to get used to not being able to see friends and certain family as well. It made me extremely dependent on the media as well, but it had some good effects, like more time for hobbies, etc.” freshman Avril Yelland said.

Going out seemed like a hassle, mostly closed stores, so many outdoor guidelines that it just seemed like a waste of time. So a lot of people just stayed home, and got what you could call addicted to the web, but there was nothing to do about it anyway.

The internet made people more naïve because they became so dependent and didn’t know any better. The internet is truly a blessing and a curse. It made kids and teens more targetable because they were always online.

Sometimes, it was good, it made lots of people more informed about current events. It would be informative to individuals who might not understand certain movements.

The pandemic benefited lots of small businesses with advertisements, one viral video would get them several orders. The pandemic made it somewhat easier to get traction, and knowledge about certain subjects, but it made it more difficult to get reliable information because it became harder to distinguish real from fake.