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Fashion In Motion: Jocelyn Sobalvarro

Rachel Ligairi
Above, in the black satin dress with pearls, sophomore Zoe Ligairi models junior Jocelyn Sobalvarro’s design during the final walk-through of the show on May eleventh, which highlighted all the pieces.

Pearls, satin, buckles, chiffon, fur, tulle, layers, lace, textures and more caught the eyes of the viewers at this year’s Fashion In Motion show.

 The annual show is put on by the Falls Church Fashion Design Academy class and features looks designed and made by the students. They then model their creations themselves or have another student model the look for them. There is not a theme for the show and students are pushed to express their creativity and design style with the pieces they make, as it is their grade for the fourth quarter.

Junior Jocelyn Sobalvarro is taking the class for the first time this year, after taking fashion management last year.

“I want to pursue a career in fashion or in fashion business management. So I think that class is really good because it teaches you everything you need to know about the fashion industry and it looks good on your high school transcript for college because you already have experience,” Sobalvarro said.

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For the show this year, she designed a vintage-style black satin dress embellished with pearls that was heavily inspired by the iconic “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” dress as well as a blend of Marilyn Monroe’s dresses and a 1930s style silhouette.

“It turned out good. There’s a lot of improvements I could have made but for my first time, I say it’s pretty good,” said Sobavalrro. “ made me realize how stressful [fashion] shows are because everyone’s running around trying to finish their stuff, adding last minute touches. But, it was really fun because I like seeing everyone getting ready for the show and seeing their looks come together,” she added.

Jocelyn will also be studying abroad in Paris, France, for a month this summer with CIEE. There she will learn more about the fashion industry before taking the class again next year.

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Zoe Ligairi
Zoe Ligairi, Lifestyle Editor

Sophomore Zoe Ligairi is in her first year at the A-Blast as the Lifestyle Editor. She is currently an AWC tutor, the founder and president of the Pasifika club and is eager to join other clubs at the school. In addition to clubs, Zoe plays Volleyball and Softball for Annandale. In her free time, she enjoys reading, thrifting, listening to music and spending quality time with her family and friends.

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