Ceramics Class


Ceramics is a new class being offered this year at Annandale.  Mrs. Stevens, also the well-known photography teacher, is teaching the new elective. She is a very informative teacher, first demonstrating what we will be doing in class that particular day, then allowing us to do it on our own. So far we have constructed a pinch pot and designed stamps to press into our clay for texture.

The class focuses on using clay to construct different items such as cups, figures, and everything else one can imagine. Some subjects that we will be learning about include the different stages of clay, how to use a pottery wheel, and how to perfect our artistic skills. It is definitely a perfect class for someone who loves creativity and wants to be hands-on with art. It’s also perfect if you are like me and cannot do sophisticated drawings of sophisticated things.

Despite the school year having just begun, I have some high expectations for ceramics. Even on the first day we jumped into learning about and using clay. I would definitely recommend this class as a laid back, fun art class for anyone interested in pottery.