“She Kills Monsters” Cast Kills It

The school's dramatic and comedic fall play, "She Kills Monsters" follows the life of a cheerleader, Agnes Evans, whose geeky sister, Tilly, died at young age. Agnes gets to know Tilly through a game she created called Dungeons and Dragons; also known as her diary, but written in geek.

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“She Kills Monsters” Cast Kills It

Agnes, Lileth, Tilly, Kaliope and Orcus - one fierce, monster killing party.

Agnes, Lileth, Tilly, Kaliope and Orcus - one fierce, monster killing party.

Agnes, Lileth, Tilly, Kaliope and Orcus - one fierce, monster killing party.

Agnes, Lileth, Tilly, Kaliope and Orcus - one fierce, monster killing party.

Katie Pope, Photo Editor

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  • Senior Long Nguyen tests the sound system before the show.

  • Junior Lena Iglesias fixes her hair to get into the character of Tilly.

  • Three monsters paint their faces green as part of their character's look.

  • Senior Kathy Strong does her own makeup, starting with contour.

  • The actors/actresses prep for the 2:00 pm Saturday matinee showing featuring all of the understudies.

  • Junior Emily Trachsel assists her understudy, junior Lena Iglesias with her makeup.

  • Seniors Emily Peace and Long Nguyen hide up in the balcony before the show, secretly making paper plate awards for the cast that will be presented at the after party.

  • Senior Vidhi P assists Hunter Duggan in prepping to be a green monster.

  • Junior Ioana Marin uses the front camera on her phone to help her perfect her stage make up as she prepares to take on the role of the blue fairy.

  • Senior Holly Ramia helps out behind the scenes with all sorts of things, including face painting and stage make up.

  • Junior Casey Bonanno tightly braids junior Lena Iglesias' hair as she practices her lines for one of the leads, Tillius.

  • The parent of a transgender Robinson alum educates the audience on LGBTQ issues.

  • This speaker shares his personal experiences of when he came out to his parents when he was younger.

  • Right after the show, these four speakers answer LGBTQIA related questions from the audience.

  • As the actors and actresses take their bows, junior Kyle Dalsimer runs on stage. He hands featured guest actor, Coach Phil Harris, a poster signed by the entire cast.

  • The entire cast of "She Kills Monsters" join hands and bow to the standing audience.

  • Juniors, Emily Trachsel (Tillius) and Rediate Zewdu (Agnes) come up from a bow for the noisy, cheering audience.

  • Lead character, Tillius aka junior Emily Trachsel takes her bow and then welcomes her sister on to the stage with her.

  • Sophomore Jack Dalrymple (Orcus) squeezes his way inbetween Kaliope and Lileth to ensure his recognition.

  • Miles (junior Cort Hollis) and Farrah (senior Emily Peace) excitedly bow to the audience after a fantastic performance.

  • The cheerleaders not only bow together, they do a few high kicks after the show.

  • Double trouble: two blue fairies are revealed as the come out after the show.

  • The first group of the cast comes out, signifying the ending of an amazing show.

  • Freshman Raffi Krikorian plays the role of Chuck, the geeky gamer that guides Agnes through Tillus' personal world of Dungeons and Dragons.

  • Agnes struggles to beat the worst and final monster, Tiamat.

  • Farrah, played by senior Emily Peace, shows up in the game world as a large eyeball who is quickly defeated by Kaliope.

  • Lily (real world Lileth), is approached by a couple of bullies while eating lunch.

  • Agnes' star football player boyfriend decides to join in on the adventures of Dungeons and Dragons.

  • Agnes is approached by a couple of her peppy, fake cheerleader teammates at school asking to create a page in Tilly's memory for the yearbook.

  • Agnes and her sister Tillius have a heated conversation about emotions in front of all of Tillius' friends.

  • Steve gets too close to the green gobs and seconds after, is devoured by the green shape shift monsters.

  • Miles (played by junior Cort Hollis) goes to Agnes' best friend, Farrah for relationship advice,

  • A group of guys take selfies to keep the memories.

  • Freshman Grace Kliewer talks with her friends about the show during intermission.

  • During intermission, viewers come out to the lobby where there is a plethora of goodies available for purchase.

  • Tina, the evil cheerleader assaults Agnes as a way to scare Tillius.

  • Chuck and Miles quarrel over Agnes.

  • The blue fairy may be happy, but she is also quite evil and twisted. Very quick and hard to beat.

  • Kaliope raises her fists to fight the random blob, but instead it just scurries on, disregarding everything.

  • Another monster appears, but is quickly defeated by Tillius and her party.

  • Orcus; overlord of the underworld, gets too close to a trap and gets stuck in the mouth of a gigantic wooden box.

  • Agnes, Lileth, Tilly, Kaliope and Orcus - one fierce, monster killing party.

  • Orcus; a demon who does not care anymore, presents his map of the different landscapes where Agnes must go to fight off monsters.

  • Farrah helps a customer, guest star Coach Phil Harris, at the GAP store where she is employed.

  • Tillius and Agnes invade the retired devil's home as he comfortably watched the show, "Friends."

  • Lileth; a seductive, monster fighter. Also the daughter of the devil with the special ability of eating the flesh of bad guys.

  • Kaliope; a non-emotional dark elf with the special ability of good berries.

  • Tillius; the most skilled dragon slayer of them all and the sister of Agnes the Asshatter. Special ability; the magic missile.

  • Agnes and Miles chat while Farrahconstantly throws insults at Miles.

  • Miles and his football Coach have an exciting conversation about the team's success.

  • Alum Maya Koch openly talks about her experiences of being a lesbian and answers questions.

  • Theater teacher, Mrs. Brunberg talks to the audience about the play.

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