Player Profile: Franco Kitila


Jude Nanaw, Sports X-tra Editor

Junior Franco Kitila has been a member of the Atoms track team since freshman year. He specializes in sprints and relay events such as the 4x200m relay and 100m dash. Kitila in a consistent qualifier for regional and state meets as well as a participant in various extracurricular activities.

Q. How long have you been running track?
A. For about two and a half years now.

Q. Do you run track outside of school?
A. Yeah, I trained in the off-season this summer.

Q. What made you start wanting to run track?
A. I had decent speed and decided to tryout. I hated it at first but refused to quit and ever since then I have just been in love.

Q. Are there any other sports you play or have played in the past?
A. I have also played football.

Q. What are your most notable accomplishments in track during high school thus far?
A. I am proudest of how well the team did during states this indoor season.

Q. Is it difficult to balance school along with sports?
A. Yes, it is hard to balance everything because I work and participate in the TSA club, sing in the choir and run track. But you have to manage it all in hopes of being recognized as special to colleges.

Q. Which events do you most frequently run?
A. I run the 55m, 4x200m relay, 4x100m relay, 100m dash and the 200m dash.

Q. How do you prepare before a track meet?
A. I use the bathroom a minimum of four times before my first race. I also do not talk before my races and I over-stretch because of paranoia also.

Q. What are your future goals in track?
A. Just to bounce back from my injury slump and help out the team and also build closer relations with everyone on the team.