Wizards season off to rocky start

The 2019/20 NBA season is underway and not off to a good start for the Washington Wizards, as they are now in 12th in the Eastern Conference..
This year will be challenging for the Wizards as they have a relatively young team, unlike other big organizations who have a star veteran or two that can keep the team together and under control throughout the long 82 game season.
In this past off season, the Wizards signed free agent Isaiah Thomas who brings the experience of the league that the team desperately needed. Another big transaction the Wizards made in this past off season was agreeing to terms with star player Bradley Beal on a two-year extension to his contract.
The only fire this season with the Wizards it seems is with Bradley Beal, as he is leading the team averaging 28.7 points per game and 7.2 assists per game. But he doesn’t stop there with already having four 40+ points games this season.
“This year Bradley Beal has been in great form,” said freshman Piero Vernazza-Cortez. “I feel if he keeps this up as they get deeper into the season his name should definitely be up for MVP contention.”
“I feel that if the Wizards had John Wall back from injury with the team they already have they would be doing a lot better this season and would be higher up in the Eastern Conference,” said freshman Hamza Hussen.
It may not have been the start the Wizards organization wanted, but it is a very long season so there is plenty of time to change their season for the better.