Player Profile: Elizabeth Corcoran


Senior Elizabeth Corcoran has consistently been a top performer on the Atoms varsity softball team since her freshman year. A multi-sport athlete, Corcoran has played softball for 10 years as well as basketball and baseball. She also participates in softball outside of school.

Q. How long have you been playing softball?
A. I’ve been playing for 10 years now.

Q. Do you play softball outside of school?
A. Yes, I play for a BRYC travel softball team.

Q. What made you want to start playing softball?
A. I played baseball beforehand and I got tired of playing with the boys so I switched to softball. When I started, I played with girls two years older than me.
Q. When did you start playing softball?
A. I first started playing when I was around eight years old.

Q. Are there any other sports you have played in the past?
A. I’ve also played baseball and basketball before, along with softball.

Q. In which ways do you prepare in the off-season?
A. My travel team has winter workouts once a week during the off-season so that helps prepare for the high school season in the spring.

Q. How do you get ready before a softball game?
A. I prepare before a game by doing things the way I have always done them like putting on my right cleat first and then my left cleat. It’s my superstition thing that I do.

Q. Do you find it difficult to balance school along with sports?
A. At first it was hard to juggle school and sports but once I found my right way to balance, it became second nature to me.

Q. What are your future goals in softball for this current season?
A. For this season my goals are to have a winning record and get into the playoffs.