Two senior athletes commit to college teams

The Principal’s conference room was filled with parents, coaches and other family members on Wednesday, March 10, to recognize the achievement of two student-athletes. Seniors Maggie Bermingham and Nikki Clarke were recognized for receiving sport scholarships to their respective colleges. Bermingham will be attending the College of William and Mary on a lacrosse scholarship and Clarke will be playing soccer at Old Dominion.

“I am looking forward to playing at a higher level and see what I can really do,” said Bermingham who has been playing lacrosse for nine years.

Earning an athletic scholarship takes years of dedication to the sport and academically. “Their achievement really is amazing, it takes tremendous commitment to reach this level,” said lacrosse coach, Cindy Hook. “Only about 5 percent of high school athletes go on to play their sport in college; these girls are the best of the best.”

Scholarship recipients not only secure their spot on a college team but also get the majority of their undergraduate education paid for. “This scholarship is really helpful, college is really expensive; every bit helps,” said Clarke who has been playing soccer for 13 years.

“I am extremely proud, they are both competitors and great students,” said Dick Adams. “They showcase the type of character of students at our school.”