Coach Spotlight: Mike Scott, football

Ernest Owen

Q:How long have you been coaching football?
A:I have been coaching Football for 24 years.

Q: Did you play football before teaching it?
A:Yes, I did.

Q: How did you discover your interest for football?
A:I think Football has always been in my family, I had two older brothers growing up, so I have always had a passion for football.

Q: Do you do anything with football in the off season?
A:We have been encouraging our players to play other sports and start working out in spring. We will do 7 on 7 tournaments, football camps, and green days. Then we can start training in the summer.

Q: How do you prepare for a new football season?
A:We start training in the summer with eighth graders that are interested in playing football, to practice with us and do summer-time lifting. and as they get older, there are more things for them to do, always evolving, doing something.

Q: Whats one thing you love about coaching football?
A:I like watching kids get better, it takes a lot of hard work, you bond, you gain working relationships, you like having success, and having positive experiences, you sacrifice a lot, and become better teammates.

Q: What are your strengths as a coach?
A:I work pretty hard and I always try to find the upper edge. I have surrounded myself with pretty good coaches. I gain knowledge, and I find new ways to be successful.

Q: What made you want to coach football?
A:I like the game of football a lot. I have always thought it was a good thing. I was interested in football and the strategy of football. Some of the most influential people in my life have coached football, for example, Coach Adams and Coach Carayinais.

Q; What is you favorite college football team?
A: I like the Tennessee vol’s

Q: Did you want to be anything else before becoming a coach
A: I wanted to be a firefighter growing up but things didnt work out.